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CZ released their 2021 Product cataloque

At the start of each year, Ceska zbrojovka (CZ) updates its product line. The 2021 CZ portfolio has increased with the addition of several new pistols and long arms. At the same time, we’ve decided to discontinue production of a few products, even though they may still be in stock in the Czech Republic and abroad. So let's see what's new.


The CZ P-10 C OR is a compact, optics-ready model that was released last year. For 2021, we are releasing the new full-size CZ P-10 F OR and subcompact CZ P-10 S OR. CZ P-10 fans who prefer the use of a red dot sight, which significantly speeds up the time to aim and improves orientation in adverse lighting conditions, will certainly welcome the availability of this feature for almost all models within the CZ P-10 series.

We’ve expanded our offer of striker-fired, polymer frame CZ P-10 pistols with new models that combine a modified slide for the easy mounting of optics with an extended, threaded barrel for mounting a suppressor. The OR SR abbreviations in the names of these models mean Optics-Ready Suppressor-Ready and are available in the full-size CZ P-10 F OR SR, semi-compact CZ P-10 SC OR SR and compact CZ P-10 C OR SR. The mounting of a suppressor, which should soon be legalized in CZ’s home country of the Czech Republic, is not only welcomed news for shooters, but also for residents and wildlife that live near shooting ranges.

These new models are listed below:


Another addition to the CZ P-10 family is a full-size model chambered in 45 Auto – the CZ P-10 F 45 Auto. Despite its use of higher-powered cartridges, shooters will be happy to learn that there is no significant increase in the overall size of the weapon. Its length has only increased by four millimeters and width by only two millimeters. This new forty-five caliber comes with an impressive 13+1 capacity, which is above average for its category, and outperforms the competition with exceptional operation and excellent ergonomics.

Like other models in the CZ P-10 series, the CZ P-10 F 45 Auto features a durable fiberglass-reinforced frame, front and rear cocking serrations for reliable handling of the slide, a flat ambidextrous slide stop, swappable magazine release for right- and left-handed shooters, aggressive checkering for a firm grip in hand and replaceable backstraps (S, M, L) for adjustment of grip and finger reach. It retains all of the winning advantages that have made the CZ P-10 series so successful around the world, which includes the previously mentioned ergonomic design, as well as high accuracy.


If you prefer a hammer-fired pistol with a modern polymer frame, we have something new that we think you’ll like. Meet the CZ P-07 SR and CZ P-09 SR, which are full-size and compact Suppressor-Ready (SR) pistols that come with an extended, threaded barrel for the quick and easy mounting of a suppressor.


Of course, we didn't forget about those who appreciate traditional all-steel pistols. Our always popular CZ 75 series was expanded last year with the new CZ 75 P-01 STEEL BLACK, which is a modernized version of the popular compact with its proven SA/DA trigger mechanism. The renowned construction of the world-famous CZ 75 was further improved with modern refinements, compact dimensions that allow for everyday (concealed) carry, front and rear cocking serrations for reliable handling of the slide, ambidextrous manual safety or decocker, and an extended magazine release that can be easily swapped from side-to-side for right- and left-handed shooters. You get all of the best features of the legendary CZ 75, which celebrated its 45th anniversary last year, combined with modern improvements that provide shooters with everything they expect from a world-class weapon. This is the CZ 75 P-01 STEEL BLACK.


We will now give you some exciting news about our long arms, where three new models have been added to the popular CZ 457 rimfire rifle series. The first we’ll speak about is the new CZ 457 STAINLESS. This .22 LR rimfire rifle with a thin-walled, stainless steel barrel is especially suitable for use in the field. The stock is made of durable polymer that features an attractive digital camouflage pattern.


Let’s continue with more news about our polymer rimfire rifles. What do you get when you take the CZ 457 SYNTHETIC rimfire rifle that was successfully introduced to market last year and fit it with a new CZ riflescope specifically developed for use with CZ firearms? The CZ 457 SYNTHETIC SET, of course, which is the first package we’ve put together that provides you with a rimfire rifle and optics. Just unpack and aim!

The CZ SCOPE 3–9 × 42 riflescope is made of aerospace-grade duralumin and is secured on a two-piece duralumin mount. Its main features include 3-9 magnification, 42mm lens diameter, non-illuminated reticle placed in the second focal plane (SFP), fixed parallax at 50 meters, high light transmission coefficient, turret with 1/4 MOA clicks and water resistance. Reliable and consistent shot groupings have been tested on the CZ 557 rifle series. You can also buy the CZ SCOPE 3–9 × 42 riflescope separately in stores or from our new e-shop.


Our latest line of rimfire rifles is further enriched with the new CZ 457 AT-ONE, which was previously only available in the CZ-USA portfolio. This .22 LR sport model is equipped with a varmint barrel with MATCH chamber. The massive laminated wood stock from the well-known American brand Boyds features an adjustable comb and butt pad for adapting to your personal preferences.


After an absence of many years, shotguns are now back in the CZ portfolio! You are now given the choice between 8 new models from the CZ-USA Field Sports series. There are four new 12-gauge over/under shotgun models with different levels of equipment and price points. The CZ DRAKE comes with a basic setup at an affordable price. A step up is the CZ REDHEAD PREMIER and the high quality CZ SUPREME FIELD. Rounding off our double barrel shotgun offer is the CZ ALL AMERICAN, which is designed for sport shooting.

Two semi-automatic shotguns models with a gasless inertia operating system are also in the portfolio. You can choose between the classic CZ 1012 with walnut stock and the CZ 1012 SYNTHETIC with a polymer stock. The last two shotguns are pump action models. The CZ 612 FIELD is a universal and highly reliable model, while the CZ HOME DEFENSE with polymer stock can perform well in a range of scenarios, which include sport shooting.

In total, eight shotguns for a wide range of shooters. Any choice you make will be a good one.


The CZ BREN 2 weapon system probably needs no introduction, as it’s the most advanced weapon system on the world market today. Its many advantages include simple construction, extreme reliability, high accuracy, low weight, excellent ergonomics and ambidextrous controls that are easily adjustable. The CZ BREN 2 Ms semi-automatic rifles are an ideal choice for sport and hobby shooting, as well as for armed forces that require semi-automatic weapons. In 2021, we are further expanding this advanced series with the addition of the CZ BREN 2 Ms CARBINE model, which has a 16.5” barrel for even more accurate shooting.


Due to production capacity, we’ve decided to discontinue a few of our models. After starting production of our new CZ TS 2 sport pistol series, the decision was taken to terminate production of the CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW ORANGE model.

Production of several rifle models has also ceased. The complete list of discontinued rifle models are listed below.

CZ 527 series:

CZ 527 Synthetic, CZ 527 American, CZ 527 Varmint MTR, CZ 527 Varmint and CZ 527 Varmint Laminated.

CZ 557 series:

CZ 557 Lux LH, CZ 557 Range Rifle, CZ 557 American, CZ 557 American LH, CZ 557 Varmint, CZ 557 Varmint Laminated, CZ 557 Predator, CZ 557 Green Valley, CZ 557 Grey, CZ 557 Sunset.

For our current range of centerfire rifles, the selection of calibers has been reduced. The available calibers can always be found on the CZ website or in the CZ catalogue.

If you had planned to purchase one of these discontinued models, don’t worry. You can still purchase the remaining pieces at our dealers. To make sure you get your hands on one, just contact the dealer in your country today.

Are you wondering what’s behind the significant changes in our range of hunting firearms? Well, you can count on some big news coming next year! But you’ll need to wait for the details. Make sure you don’t miss anything by following our Facebook or Instagram page, or subscribe to our monthly newsletter by entering your email in the newsletter subscription box at the bottom of our website home page.

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