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CZ’s Reunion of World Journalists

Česká zbrojovka … A company that definitely needs no introduction, a company that sells over 300 000 products per annum in over 100 countries across the globe, a company with a purpose to deliver high quality products at an affordable price.

Earlier this year at IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 in Nuremberg (Germany), WILDLAND was invited to join CZ’s world journalist event. CZ organised this event, teeming with excitement. I realised beforehand that only one person on WILDLAND’s team would have the privilege to go. Fortunately, and much to the despair of some of my co-workers, I was the lucky one being chosen.

I arrived at Vienna International Airport at 11:30 on September 10. My long wait was fnally over. An hour later, a CZ representative arrived with a shuttle to take me and a few other journalists from across Europe to the Czech Republic. Vienna, the capital city of Austria, proved closer the location

to CZ’s event than Prague. On our way to Uherské Hradiště, my excitement started to boil over again, which in turn made a few hours by shuttle, feel like days. We were greeted with the utmost

hospitality when we fnally arrived that afernoon at Bzenec military base, close to Uherské Hradiště, where the event was to be hosted.

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