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Dries van Coller What can we say about our immediate past president of PHASA

A humble God fearing man, a dedicated husband and father, a leader like non other, a teambuilder, a man of wisdom, a hunter, a dog-lover, a war veteran, a philosopher, a fisherman, a friend, a man’s man, a giant?? Dries van Coller is all the above and more.

Dries took over the leadership of PHASA in the most turmoil time in PHASA’s history. A time when the whole world said that PHASA will be closing their doors soon. Malicious attacks against PHASA was launched from all corners of the world.

Dries as president and his strong exco members backed by loyal and warrior members, was not willing to let PHASA go down. Dries led the PHASA boat out of the wildest storms into calm waters, making PHASA a member’s organization and taking PHASA into a new era of strength, growth, respect and integrity like never before.

PHASA is now stronger and bigger than ever before, enjoying worldwide support and collaboration. Being the biggest professional hunting association in the world PHASA has rightfully taken its position as the preferred stake holder in the South African government and Dries now sits on many consulting panels the help our government is decision-making strategies involving our hunting industry. PHASA, under leadership of Dries van Coller, was also given Professional Body status by the South African Government and Dries now sits on the board of Directors of the South African Tourist Business Council. No other PH association carries these accolades other than PHASA.

We at PHASA bring tribute to the massive contribution Dries van Coller left behind for PHASA. Dries is also the longest serving president in the 42 years since PHASA’s establishment in 1978.

Dries is a living legend, a giant in the South African professional hunting industry, a blessed man of God and its an honor to know this giant of a man. THANK YOU DRIES VAN COLLER!! May God bless you and your family in all of your future ventures. We salute you Bwana!!.

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