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Fast, innovative and sustainable:Jaeger NXT by C.G. Haenel

A new design of driven hunt rifle with a straight-pull, bolt action, hand cocking system: Haenel gives quality at a fair price

Across the spectrum of modern hunting rifles the straight-pull is synonymous for the fast action of a driven hunt where game is taken whilst on the move. Until now, the features of this type of rifle were only available in the premium class. Haenel’s, new Jaeger NXT will change this! The weapon has been designed to be truly ‘green’ using several innovative technical refinements and a patented torsion bolt. This is a rifle with a DNA straight from Haenels’ factory in Suhl and offers high quality at a fair price.

New bolt, new hand cocking system

It seems unusual that no one has thought of this concept yet, the torsion bolt is a classic cylinder bolt, that uses a rotary motion via a bevelled gear and is locked by strong lugs.

Since the times of Leonardo da Vinci this system is known for its simple robust design and reliability. When applied to the Jaeger NXT (pronounced NEXT), it provides reliable, super-fast reloading from the detachable 5-shot magazine, which is soundly secured with a newly patented catch. The bolt-handle is not only used for repeating a round but also for rapid hand-cocking of the system.

Conventional “hand cocking” rifles are normally operated with the thumb, which can require a certain strength. However, the kick-down bolt of the new Jaeger NXT uses leverage and provides smooth, comfortable and quiet cocking, repeating and de-cocking without having to reach around the bolt (even for smaller hands). The concept is as ergonomic and logical with a chamber lock that secures the bolt handle to prevent unintentional cocking whilst in use. I.e.: - whilst out stalking.

Sustainable like a forest

For Haenel’s, Head of Development, Lutz Morgenroth his final retirement project was the Jaeger NXT, and it was not enough that the rifle was at a great price with several design innovations. Lutz and his Suhl team worked hard, and true to the brands motto of ‘Back to the Woods’ he was able to transfer the idea of a sustainable forest into this hunting rifle design.

FSC Wood Compound Stock

As an example of a new breed of rifle stock the Jaeger NXT uses a wood technology normally reserved for yacht building, using an FSC-Wood Compound.

This product has a benefit of the characteristic wood grain, is strong, lightweight and weatherproof and has same qualities of a premium wood stock. The new design has also the advantage of a synthetic stock with classic look and feel of a wooden one.

The sustainably sourced, fast growing birch wood is FSC certified and avoids the destruction of ancient walnut trees, that are consistently used in the production of traditional guns.

The Jaeger NXT is launched with two stock shape variations, the standard one is also suitable for the taller hunter and the DS version is aimed for smaller people. The DS is easy to grip & handle and it will not only be women who appreciate its dexterity. Both versions of the rifle weigh about 3.2 kg.

Plastic polymer made from cellulose and tree resin

All plastic parts of the Jaeger NXT, including the 5 shot magazine, are manufactured from a sustainable high-tech composite material that uses both cellulose and tree resin (a 100% natural product) which are in no way inferior to a normal plastic solution in terms of aesthetics & function and obviously are far more acceptable in terms of sustainability.

A Green Barrel optimised for tomorrow’s lead-free ammunition.

Last, but not least, Haenel now offers, for the first time, a new "Green Barrel" from the cold forging plant at Suhl.

After a long series of tests, The Jaeger NXT uses the universal and highly accurate .308 Win. Barrel that is further optimised for a modern lead-free design of bullet. The focus here is the adaption of the inner contour of the barrel transition, due to the differing outer geometry of that of a lead bullet.

Lutz Morgenroth says: "In practice, this adjustment has proved to be a great help in terms of precision. By the way, the barrel shoots lead ammunition just as precisely."

In addition to .308 Win., the Jaeger NXT will also be offered in 30-06 Spring. calibre but at the product launch, it will not be available as a green barrel just yet. Both barrels are offered in 18 mm diameter and a length of 52 centimetres, as standard, and are equipped with the i-Sight system, which offers a variety of use, allowing flexible adaptation of the barrel muzzle for different purposes. It has a muzzle thread for the Haenel JGR suppressor. A variety of other calibres are to follow.

Technical data Haenel Jaeger NXT:

Straight-pull rifle with a patented torsion bolt and kick-down hand cocking via the bolt handle, FSC-Wood compound stock, 5-round magazine with lock and i-Sight system.

Barrel contour: 18 mm diameter

Barrel length: 520 millimetres

Calibres: .308 Win. Green Barrel

.30-06 Spring.

(more in preparation)

Stock versions: Standard or DS stock

Total length: 1045 millimetres

Total weight: 3.2 kilogram

For more information visit:

National Cartridge Company is the official importer of all Haenel products

You can visit their social media platforms here:

The Jaeger NXT will be available in South Africa from Mid 2022 (Estimate)

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