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New Hunting Companions for Your Success

Isny, January 2021. The Blaser Carbon Shooting Stick 2.0 is again setting standards. Thanks to thought-out, hunting-relevant improvements the shooting stick is not only the ideal solution for a safe shot even under difficult circumstances but now even more comfortable to handle.

The patented pistol grip which allows you to keep the rifle safely on target over a lateral area of 20 meter at a range of 100 meters has not been changed. However, the holding U-shaped rifle rest that is positioned on top of the pistol grip – unless the forearm of the rifle is fixed directly with the holding pin on the shooting stick – is now reliably secured with a new safety slide.

The revised elastomer screws for the adjustment of the length allow for a stronger tightening and therefore an even greater stability in every hunting situation. A printed scale on the legs facilitates the fast and reliable adjustment to the same length. A removable and adjustable strap provides a constant expansion spread of the shooting stick. An important advantage when time is crucial!

A hard rubber pin (before made from aluminium) secures the position of each foot and reduces noise to an absolute minimum.

Available from February 2021

After a successful hunt the new Blaser Ultimate knife offers two possible uses at the same time. In addition to the knife blade, it has a gutting blade. Both are made of stainless Sandvik steel (12C27) and can rotate, so that each blade can be reliably connected to the PROFLEX handle. Both the handle and the sheath are orange-colored, so that they are also easily found when, for example, hunting or gutting in difficult terrain. Like the R8 Ultimate, the Ultimate knife is designed for tough use. Put it to the test!

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